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The Pedlar

Sharing the best of real estate, design, lifestyle and everything in between, The Pedlar is a place for us to post our own musings, ideas, and hopefully inspire a soul or two.

Real estate developers and hoteliers by trade with an eye for design, we'll be reporting from our headquarters in Shanghai and Sri Lanka.
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Taprobane Island

Your own private island as a hotel. Awesome.

The Frangipani Tree

The wretched weather in Shanghai is making us yearn for a lounge chair at The Frangipani Tree, one of the finest hotels on the southern coast of Sri Lanka. The secluded boutique hotel in Thalpe, just a short drive away from Galle Fort, has a simplistic but tasteful design that makes one want to stay at the hotel far longer than they originally intended. With a picturesque infinity pool and hospitable staff, the atmosphere emanates the blissful, relaxing feel of the entire island.

Interested in staying at the property? Check out their website.

We’ve always been dubious about the concept of star ratings for hotels, especially when it comes to the so-called six and seven star properties. After all, no organization or formal body that we’ve ever heard about gives out ratings above five stars. 

But that sure isn’t stopping a mysterious Dubai real estate developer, along with a Sri Lankan counterpart, in bringing a little more glitz to the Kalpitiya skyline with a $500 million project that will be a part of an integrated Kalpitiya Tourism Zone. This is certainly one of those “see it to believe it” kind of deals but there certainly is no harm in dreaming right?

The Tea Plantation

A friend of ours just purchased a 100 acre estate a 3 hour drive north of Hambantota in the southeast part of Sri Lanka. With the customary hospitality that we’ve come to expect from Sri Lankans, this is the sort of place that makes one want to leave city life for a life far less simpler. (Really!)

Cinnamon Lodge

Located near the eastern coast port city of Trincomalee (about a 5 hour drive from Colombo) is the Cinnamon Lodge that we trekked to a few weeks back. Being here is a completely different feel from our confines down on the south coast - the lakes are peppered all around the area and there is an abundant and rich diversity of wildlife. There must have been over 150 monkeys at the hotel, one of whom tried to take the misses’ hat (and failed) as well a friend’s swim trunks (and succeeded).

The pool at the lodge sits next to a tranquil lagoon and big lake, a genuinely idyllic place to watch the sunset. Don’t let the mosquitoes ruin your trip so be sure to bring some repellent. 

As far away as it is from Colombo, Trincomalee is a destination in and of itself because of its proximity to elephant safaris, some major cultural sites, and the popular Uppuveli and Nilaveli beaches.

If you’re looking to travel through Sri Lanka on the road less traveled, passing by The Cinnamon Lodge is an experience you’ll remember.